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Features of Mega Trade Controller
  • MT4 Compatible: Mega Trade controller is a useful tool for manual trading on MetaTrader 4, the most popular Forex platform.It allows you to open, close, and manage orders quickly and intuitively in either Mega Trade controller or MetaTrader.MetaTrader or Mega Trade controller can be used to conduct all trade activities. 
  • ​Time Saver: It simplifies and speeds up the performance of a number of routine tasks that take up a lot of our time puttting us at risk of making mistakes. 
  • Suited For All Traders: It's ideal for dynamic scalping as well as standard day trading.This is an excellent tool for both experienced traders and those who are just starting out in their trading careers. 
  • ​Control Lot Size: You may set your own lot size for each order, allowing you to effectively limit your risk each transaction. 
  • ​1-Click Trading: Mega Trade controller, for example, allows you to submit market or pending orders with Stop Loss and Take Profit of a specific size (order lots chosen by the user) with a single click.It is possible to close (partially) orders as well as certain sorts of orders. 
  • SL/ TP Target: With a simple click, you may set your stop loss and take profit levels.Works for both market orders and pending orders. 
  • ​Modify Running Trades Easily: With Mega Trade controller, we could very well manage open orders in a lot of formats by specifying parameters such as Break Even, Close Half, Take Profit, and Stop Loss.Levels of partial closing of open orders can also be defined. 
  • ​Trade Any Pait You Like: You have sole control over your deals.Choose which pairings you want to trade and which you don't. 
Trade manager is for a swift managing while you’re trading because as a trader you know very well how the market moves at a fast pace. So, when you are delaying inputting values, you could end up facing a drawdown for that delay. Also, for some traders, it is hard to manage in MT4 manually and they prefer much easier inputs.
 Keeping that in mind, we have introduced our Trade Manager. You just have to open your mt4 and trade manager and input the values you want and in ONE CLICK you can place any order you want.
We have 16 UNIQUE FEATURES with a 1-Click facility.
Secure your Partial profit or set Multiple TPs, easily modify existing trades, exclude pairs which you don't want to trade, manage lot size, DO EVERYTHING within nanoseconds WITH MegaFx Trade Controller
Why You Need Trade Controller?
  • Manage Orders Quickly: It allows to open, close, and manage orders quickly
  • ​Sets Lot Size:  It sets lot size according to your preference automatically. 
  • Order Lots Chosen By The User:  It executes trades with Stop Loss(SL) and Take Profit (TP) of a specific size (order lots chosen by the user)  
  • ​Closes Trades (Partially): It also closes trades (partially) according to the given order. 
  • ​Parameters Like Break Even: It manages parameters like Break Even.
  • Custom List Of Currency Pairs: You can also create a custom list of currency pairs to avoid them from trading.
Become a profitable trader now by significantly improving the efficiency of your trading.

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